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The Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) Inc, is a not-for-profit medical college established in 1982, offering postgraduate training for doctors and allied health professionals in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (NEM). Full Membership of the College is open to registered medical doctors and dentists. Associate Membership is available to other suitably qualified and affiliated healthcare professionals. Members of the public are also invited to become Friends of ACNEM.

Members and Friends of ACNEM receive a regular email newsletter, access to resources on the ACNEM website, and the quarterly ACNEM Journal, containing research, articles, news and comment relevant to this area of medicine. The College provides a peer network, advocacy and support for NEM practitioners while developing recognition of NEM as a speciality of General Practice and an important healthcare modality in its own right. The College website also provides a popular referral service used by members of the public looking for practitioners with training in NEM.

What is NEM?

Nutritional Medicine is concerned with biochemical pathways and the consequences of inadequate or inappropriate nutritional intake. Optimum nutrition is central to health and fundamental in the prevention and treatment of most conditions. Likewise, Environmental Medicine is concerned with the biochemistry underlying the physiological and psychological symptoms that result from allergy or sensitivity to inhaled and ingested chemical substances in our environment. Excesses, deficiencies and imbalances of nutrients, the presence of toxic chemicals or electromagnetic radiation may all result in cellular dysfunction, illness and disease, whereas the homeostasis promoted in NEM allows self-healing by the body.

Treatment with Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (also known as Orthomolecular Medicine) may involve the removal of certain foods or chemicals from the patient’s environment, the use of rotation diets and prescription of supplements, such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential fatty acids, where diet alone cannot rectify physiological imbalances.

ACNEM Training

ACNEM training is regarded as unique in the world, and is undertaken by practitioners from many countries. The training programs are designed by the ACNEM Faculty (comprising GPs and medical specialists) as post-graduate medical education for practitioners wishing to learn more effective ways of treating their patients. Content is strongly referenced and presented by some of Australia and New Zealand’s leading medical, scientific and clinical experts.

The four-day Primary (Foundation) Course covers the key nutritional, environmental and biochemical factors in well-being, and therefore the NEM approach to treating many of the conditions, illnesses and diseases seen in primary care. The course enables practitioners to begin practising nutritional and environmental medicine confidently and safely, with practical tools to aid integration into daily practice.

The Primary Course is complemented by a range of two-day Special Training Programs (STPs) investigating particular subject areas in more detail, such as Gastrointestinal, Allergy & Autoimmune, Thyroid & Adrenal, Cancer, and Mental Health, to name a few. Prior completion of the Primary Course is preferred but not essential.

Training courses are held throughout the year at various locations in Australia and New Zealand. Some courses are also offered online in a “distance learning” format which makes ACNEM training accessible to those in rural and remote locations and around the world, and avoids the need to take time out of clinical practice to attend in person.

ACNEM is a fully accredited RACGP QA&CPD training provider for the 2008-2010 Triennium, with 40 Category 1 points allocated to most training courses. ACRRM and RNZCGP points may also be available.

Certificate, Diploma & Fellowship

ACNEM training optionally leads to nested Certificate, Diploma and Fellowship qualifications in NEM, providing greater recognition of training and specialty. The Certificate and Diploma qualifications are open to healthcare practitioners who meet Associate membership requirements, while the Fellowship is open to Full members (doctors and dentists). The ACNEM Primary Course is the starting point for each of these qualifications.

After nearly 30 years of pioneering Nutritional and Environmental Medicine into General Practice, ACNEM is looking forward to a future where nutritional medicine is just ‘good medicine’.

For more information about ACNEM, please visit, email or phone +61 (0)3 9597 0363.

  • The ACNEM Qualifications provide postgraduate training in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (NEM) for doctors and other healthcare practitioners. The qualifications are industry-based (issued by an organisation) and nested, meaning that you begin with the Certificate in NEM, followed by the Diploma in NEM. A Fellowship in NEM is also available to practising doctors and dentists.
  • This is the ACNEM members-only monthly lecture series. These lectures have been carefully selected on topics of interest to members from ACNEM Online Learning. New lectures are available to members around the 15th of each month.

    You can access these lectures directly from a link in the member section of the ACNEM website at using your email address and the member access password that was emailed to you.

    Otherwise, if you already have an ACNEM Online learning login (login name and password), you can login here and use the member access password that was emailed to you as the course key.
  • The ACNEM public lectures are a series of free lectures on a range of topics relating to Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (NEM). They are held at venues around Australia and New Zealand on a regular basis and added to this online collection from time to time. There is also a free sample lecture from the Primary Course - the first hour of the 2-hour Introduction to NEM lecture, presented by Dr Matt Shelton. We hope you will enjoy this free content with our compliments.

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